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• Are you hiring; but can't find the right skill set?

• Is that difficult-to-fill job slowing your production?

• Could that difficult math lesson use a few STEM concepts to help with comprehension?

• Could more than 5% of your employees retire tomorrow?

• Are your students aware of the advanced technologies used in today's manufacturing?

Find here an opportunity to "connect 21st century industries to 21st century classrooms!!"'s opportunity to connect portal allows you to:

1) Connect with local educators who have events, activities or lessons that need an industry leaders' expertise.
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2) Connect with local industry leaders who request a partnership with local schools to help build their talented workforce.
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Career Symposium Talent Development ( / Industry/Business Opportunities)

Career Symposium Talent Development
Greetings. Please find in this ad electronic information presented during the 2017 South Coast Ca[...]
from pferguson
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Influence the Community for Your Career ( / Industry/Business Opportunities)

Influence the Community for Your Career
Hello, guests! Join us and influence local students to connect to your career. Please find below[...]
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2017 Trident RECAB Pipeline Project Update ( / Industry/Business Opportunities)

2017 Trident RECAB Pipeline Project Update
Please note the update at the link below. Thank you for your interest in the Trident region's Talen[...]
from pferguson
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Regional Career Fair 2016 Video ( / Industry/Business Opportunities)

Regional Career Fair 2016 Video
Check out the NEW video about the 2016 Regional Career Fair hosted in October 2016.
from pferguson
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Berkeley Career Express Program ( / Industry/Business Opportunities)

Berkeley Career Express Program
The Berkeley Career Express program will offer Digital Literacy Workshops, Career Ready Classes, ACT[...]
from pferguson
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