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students aliveSTEMersion Tricounty Dorchester Pilot 2018

STEMersion Registration 2018

STEMersion Participation/Information Agreement 2018


South Coast Career Symposium 2017 

Target Clusters/Sectors:  K. Statler

Career Symposium 2017 Target Cluster Quiz

2015 - 17 South Coast Job Announcements

South Coast Job Announcements Quiz

Graduating Beaufort County's Future Economy part I:  K. Gilbert

Graduating Beaufort County's Future Economy part II:  K. Gilbert

Graduating Beaufort County's Future Economy part III:  K. Gilbert

Graduating Beaufort County's Future Economy part IV:  K. Gilbert

 Charleston STEM Festival

Your Bottle Means Jobs - Recycle

TTC Youth Apprenticeship

SC Career Information

MicroBurst Soft Skills

MicroBurst Online Job Shadows

Job Ready U - soft skills

Regional WBL Calendar Pilot

South Coast Career Symposium Evaluation




Classroom Resources:


Educator Initiatives:

Business and Education "Connection" Opportunities

Trident Career and College Checklist

MFED 2015

EPIC Parent and Industry Seminar 2016

CWIT Scholarship 2016

Share Your Career 2016

2016 Boeing SC Dream Learners Application

2016 STEM Career Fair

A4Ed 2017

Charleston Region Adult Apprenticeship 2017

STEM Premier Boeing SC STEM Signing Day 2017

July 2017 Trident RECAB Pipeline Update


Cluster Guides

·         Agriculture
·         Architecture
·         Arts
·         Business
·         Education
·         Finance
·         Government
·         Health Science
·         Hospitality
·         Human Services
·         Information Technology
·         Law
·         Marketing
·         Manufacturing
·          STEM
·         Transportation




A.  CWIT Scholarship

B.  Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

C.  SCAEAP Scholarship





Trident School Report Cards:



Dorchester 2

Dorchester 4

Dorchester County Career and Technology Center