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Trident Regional Education Center (TREC) is a regional resource center that connects students, educators and adults to occupational information, resources and training in the Trident community.

The Center is charged, through the Education and Economic Development Act/Personal Pathways to success to coordinate and facilitate partnerships that ensure a globally competitive region.

Personal Pathways to success provides educational and career planning resources that bring together all South Carolinians – students, parents, educators, adult job seekers, and employers.

Personal Pathways combines high academic standards with enhanced opportunities to explore career options and build real-life working skills.

The 2005 Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) legislation serves as the foundation for Personal Pathways.  The law requires the educational system in South Carolina to connect academic studies and preparation for participation in the workforce and it is driven by a growing consensus that fundamental changes in education are necessary to help our state compete in the 21st century economy.

Through your connections, you will bolster Personal Pathways to build a bigger and brighter future for the state!  For more information about the initiative, view the SC Pathways video.


History of the Trident Regional Education Center (TREC)

The Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA), known as Personal Pathways to Success, was signed on May 27, 2005.  Personal Pathways to Success emphasizes a K – 12 curriculum aligned with state content standards and organized around a career cluster system.  It also requires the creation of twelve regional education centers to coordinate and facilitate the delivery of information, resources, and services to students, educators, employers, and the community.

The primary responsibilities of the centers include:

(1) provide services to students and adults for career planning, employment seeking, training, and other support functions
(2) provide information, resources, and professional development programs to educators
(3) provide resources to school districts for EEDA compliance and accountability
(4) provide information and resources to employers including, but not limited to, education partnerships, career‑oriented learning, and training services
(5) facilitate local connections among businesses and those involved in education
(6) work with school districts and institutions of higher education to create and coordinate workforce education programs (Section 59-59-180, EEDA).

On January 25, 2007, twenty-two legislatively-appointed regional leaders from Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties held an inaugural meeting and became known as the Trident Regional Education Center Advisory Board or Trident RECAB.  The Trident RECAB, comprised of thirteen business leaders, six educational leaders and three civic leaders, along with its fiscal agent, Trident Technical College and administrative partner, The Education Foundation of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, immediately began the steps to create the Trident Regional Education Center.


Now, a South Carolina Department of Commerce initiative, the Trident Regional Education Center, TREC, consists of a variety of regional partners including schools, colleges and universities, industries and human service agencies.  In addition, the center connects with clients including students, employers, parents, educators and adults.


Mission/Purpose Statement:

…facilitates connections to education, community and business resources and expands partnerships between education and industry to ensure a globally competitive region...

·        Cultivate partnerships between industry and education to address workforce development/education gaps
·        Provide actionable workforce development/education resources, information and services
·        Maintain a user-friendly virtual workforce development/education clearinghouse

…the premier link that connects the Trident community to its next career pathways (PROPOSED)

“delivering workforce readiness one link at a time…Link to your career pathways” (PROPOSED)