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The Trident Regional Education Center Advisory Board identifies regional career and college readiness gaps, coordinates, and facilitates solutions to fill the gaps to ensure a globally competitive region. The legislatively appointed advisory board of community, business and education leaders of Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties also governs the scope of work for the region’s virtual portal.


2018 Trident RECAB

John Atkinson

Charleston CPW

Dr. Jacqueline Fish

Charleston Southern University

Dr. Barbara Holmes (Member-at-large)
Public School Educator (Retired)

Dottie Karst
Trident WIOA Board /Charles Foster

Mark Lester

David Ramey (Vice Chair)


Dr. Morris Ravenell 

Dorchester County School District 4

Keith Oliver
Home Telephone Company, Inc.



Priscilla Roper
MAHLE Charleston

Mary Runyon
Public School Educator (Retired)

Sherrie Snipes-Williams

Charleston Promise Neighborhood

Terry Stinson (Member-at-large) 

Santee Cooper

Dr. Mary Thornley
Trident Technical College

 Jim Young  (Chair)

Workforce Advocate



For more than 12 years, Patricia A. Ferguson has organized and managed personal, academic, career and financial development programs and services for adults and children.  The constant intent of these endeavors was aimed to help the participants, as Patricia believes, “Create Beyond The Standard” and improve their quality of life.

Patricia has served as a corporate engineer, counseling and guidance professional and student services administrator.  She has also served as financial officer, grant writer and evaluator for several nonprofit organizations.  Each role allowed Patricia to teach audiences in several formal and informal settings to include faith-based, nonprofit, collegiate and commercial.

In addition she has extensive experience in developing leadership conferences, seminars and marketing initiatives, such as alumni career networks, career expositions, diversity seminars, bible bowls and royal destiny conferences.

As an advocate of volunteer and community service, Patricia has provided support services to such organizations as:  South Carolina Professional Association for Access & Equity; South Carolina Council of Educational Opportunity Programs Personnel; Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Sunday School Convention; Inter-community Development Organization and March of Dimes.

Patricia earned a B.S degree in Industrial Engineering and a M. Ed. degree in Counseling and Guidance Services from Clemson University.  She has also earned an Education Administration graduate leadership certificate from the University of South Carolina with research interests in socioeconomic status, underrepresented student populations and dual-enrollment.